Breed of Bengal

Bengali is my Mother language,21-february_8
21 February is my arrogance.
So every year 21 February,
We recall this glory anniversary.

For Our Mother language,
Sacrifice who soul of their.
In heart, We give locus,
Our worshipful martyr. 

Who fabricated their blood?
In the date of 21 February,
Cosmopolite remembers them,
By flowers depository.

International Language day,
Those who bought by gore.
We, how will repay?
Debts of our honorable martyr

Who keep the value of Bengal,
Gave life has respect,
Thanksgiving Our Bengal Breed.
Today’s world, you are great.

21 is not only Bangladeshi ritual,
Now, Cosmopolite celebrated.
So, my mother’s poem,
Along of great martyrs, dedicated.

Mohammad Sahidul Islam

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